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"As a real estate attorney, you won't find a better credit repair book on the market today for consumers. Nothing out there compares to the information included in this book. I've added credit services to my practice and was the best consumer version purchase"
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Due To This Economic Crisis,
The credit system has changed tremendously. Are you prepared?

You must fix your credit and learn to optimize your credit score now
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Here Is The Problem

If you’re like most Americans, the problem is, you really DON’T know "HOW" the credit system works especially since the economic crisis. For example...

Are you aware that paying your bills on time and in full each month does not mean you will have an excellent credit score?

That’s right! There are millions of consumers who always pay their bills on time and when it was time to purchase a home,  they are not entitled to the best interest rate because their credit score is not high enough. This is heart-breaking, isn’t it?

The credit system is full of "little secrets"  and most of us find them frustrating. However, I enjoy showing you how to take each one of these secrets and use it to your advantage. For example...

Regardless of your current credit situation, I’ll show you how it’s possible to delete negative items off your credit report, increase your credit score and rebuild your credit.

It’s Easy. Once You Know How...

Hi My Friend, 

I'm Phil Turner,

Welcome to this site!  I know you have been searching the internet, heard about us on the Radio, TV or someone referred you to this site. I know that you just need to fix your credit problems fast. Maybe, you have been to a lot of different websites and many with a great sales pitch. Some of them sound so good that I'm even tempted to purchase their product. Marketing pitch is one thing but solid information is another. Many say that they really want to help you and some have a good program but can milk you for more and more money.

Maybe you are here because you just been denied credit for a credit card, car something else you really need. Or, you could be here just trying to increase your credit score to get the best interest rate on that house you really want. Whatever the case may be, you are searching the internet for answers.

I am not going to try to give you a pitch about how I'm not here to scam you or talk a lot about other people who are out to scam you.

What I will say is that I have almost 30 years of experience in the credit industry and wrote the very first published credit repair book and have updated it each year. This credit repair book has been online since 2000. That's 13 years online!! I am still here for a reason---Why? I delivery a superior product!!!! A 300 page awesome credit repair book to solve credit issues guaranteed!! I will not milk you for more money because everything is in this package. In addition, I am giving you FREE access to my helpdesk area for ongoing advanced techniques.

Now for the meat: Yes, there is a credit crisis and you must be on top of your credit score more now than ever before. Getting a car loan, mortgage and obtaining anything on credit has tremendously changed. Your credit has to be better than ever just to get a small car loan. Do you know to how optimize your credit score? Don’t wait until you are denied credit or charge large interest rates to start seeking help. You need guidance NOW. 

Well, you somehow found this site and I know that you are seeking fast help in fixing your credit problems. I totally understand exactly what you are going through and know precisely the frustration in getting good answers to credit problems. There are so many sources to choose from on the internet and your main question is which one to select. Right? I know, It is a difficult chose.

What you need right now are answers and guidance in solving your credit problems fast. You want straight answers with No hype and the assurance that you have made the best decision in finding a source that will provide solid accurate information.  Well, if you are spiritual, your prayers have been answered, because you arrived here!

I'm going to show you step-by-step how to *systematically* clean up your bad credit history ... QUICKLY, LEGALLY AND EFFECTIVELY Even When Your Credit Issues Seems Hopeless.

You see my friend, a great deal of misinformation about credit is out there. I was recently watching a major talk show on TV and a major financial guru was on giving good answers but wrong data to the public about credit. They said that if things on your credit is accurate, there is nothing that can be done about It as a consumer. The guru left no hope for the viewing audience.

I understand that there is an approach to control the media by financial lobbying groups to have consumers respond a certain way when facing credit problems. What I say to this approach? IT IS WRONG!  THIS MIS-INFORMATION MUST STOPS NOW!  You always have options! You now can directly benefit from the knowledge and experience I have about the credit system and how it works. You can now know why that guru statement was wrong. There are laws and strategies on your side that works!!!!

I have been repairing thousands of individuals credit and increase credit score since for over 25 years.  I wish had a dollar for everything a taking head on TV or Radio told my clients that nothing could be done about their credit problem. Well, with all of the bad information out there I wrote one of the first training credit repair book on the subject of credit repair, credit score optimization, and debt management. My credit repair book has been use by thousands and currently used by many credit repair consultants, mortgage brokers, and real estate agent today! You can exhale and stop searching now! You will find all the answers you need here.

Many have come to me thinking that there is no hope in getting their credit issues resolved and simply frustrated. It doesn't matter how your credit looks right now or how much sleep you lose over it, YOU CAN PULL YOURSELF OUT with the knowledge I give in my book and audio tapes. In NO Time, you will be living in that great house or driving that new car you really want, and my book will get you there.

Now, my approach is the fastest way legally. There are some illegal ways out there that may work e.g. paying someone thousands of dollars who works for the credit bureau to clean it up for you but it will come right back usually within 6 months. You could have someone to create bogus deletion letters from lenders, but all of these strategies could land you in Jail! My book provides straight talk and gives you the absolute truth.

Let's face it; there are hundreds of how-to repair your books and some offer FREE information. However, this information is NOT complete!! NOTHING is FREE!! But you can get affordable information that solid and this is what you will get with my credit repair book. I am sure that you are overwhelmed with all of the websites and just don't know what to do or buy.

You may be thinking: Does it really work?  Can I trust the information? Are the testimonials real?, and How much is it? Right? I understand your concerns and know exactly why you are skeptical. Maybe you have been burned buying information in the past or you are just searching the net to find information on solving your credit problems. Well, you can stop searching!!!

Why? Because I am was a credit industry professional and kept abreast of all strategies. I also buy and read all the credit repair books on the internet to see if I missed anything new.  I have spent over 25 years compiling all of the techniques available!

You won't be let down with this credit repair book!

Just think, you would have to buy 5 to 10 books on credit repair, or credit score just to get some of the information found in the Credit Bible!

I will keep you from making costly mistakes by teaching step by step
PROVEN secrets. I WON'T hold back information just to try and sell you something else in the future! It is all in the Credit Bible! You need to know the system and I will give it all to you in one complete guide. The best credit repair book on the market.


Just because the negative information on your credit report is accurate does not mean it will remain. It is what the Credit Bureaus or Creditors can PROVE to be accurate that will stay under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You see, the burden of proof falls on your creditors and the credit bureaus, not you and its the LAW!!!

It is all about understanding how to send the proper letter that would make this burden of proof difficult for creditors and credit bureaus. We have these letters in the Credit Bible!  You see the law imposes legal duties on creditors and credit bureaus to make sure that they can verify information to be correct and you don't need an attorney.

Anything they can do, you can do it yourself with the right information and letter...

This credit repair book has been used by attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, car salesmen, credit repair agencies, credit counselors and college professionals. This is your one-stop source and no need to look any further. With access to the latest advance techniques and help with any specific issue you may have, why pay anyone more?. You have found the ultimate credit source! The e-books version of the Credit Bible is used as a built-in training tool for credit professionals who purchase a leading credit repair management software system that sell for over $5,000.00. This should help you to understand how powerful the information that is included in my credit repair book.

Let’s face it. We’ve all had some credit problems in the past, but don’t let it get you down. If you can read this letter then you have all the necessary skills to learn every secret I will share with you in the "Credit Bible". The best credit repair book on the market today!

I guarantee the "Credit  Bible" will absolutely blow you away with knowledge! In one evening you’ll know more insider credit secrets than most than anyone around you and better than that, even Millionaires. With the "Credit Bible System" here are a few things you will learn and there is too much list below, because you get much much more:

Over 300 Pages pack with credit secrets!
FREE Downloadable Audio Files on How To Increase Your credit Score and Repair Your Credit along with the credit repair book.
 Increase your Credit Score to 720-740 Fast!
You will learn to Improve Your Credit - Guaranteed!
Understanding Insurance Credit Score
Why paying off your credit cards in full each month actually hurt your credit score, you learn how to fix this problem.
STOP all harassing collection agency calls forever. You learn the special Federal law bill collectors hope you never discover!
Mortgage Process from Start to Close
Open Checking Account Without Credit Check
Learn about a secret “4th  Credit Bureau” and why ignoring them could cost you greatly.
The “hidden truth” about creating an Alternate Credit File
STOP all harassing collection agency calls forever. You learn the special Federal law bill collectors hope you never discover!
Learn how to pay your bills and create a personal budget
Forbidden & Ruthless Credit Repair techniques
The facts you need to know about Bankruptcies
ALL The Forms and Detailed sample letters
Learn How To Rebuild Your Credit
FORECLOSURE? How to STOP foreclosure!
How to negotiate a car loan like a pro!

This is the same credit repair book used by credit repair agencies.

No Hype - Just Solid Information!

The Credit Bible has been newly updated for 2015!

With the "Credit Bible" you are going to receive every letter you need to get started correcting your credit fast. These are the same concepts Attorneys and Credit Repair Companies use and they are GUARANTEED to get you fast results!

Now YOU Can learn all the secrets of the
system and get your life back on track.


Here's My Guarantee

If you can find Just One, legal, effective technique that is not already included in The Credit Bible, return the book within sixty days and ...I will refund 100% of the *Purchase Price.

Simple, isn't it?  There is absolutely no risk.
You can only win!  This credit repair book is The Simply Best!


Here's what to do next & How Much?

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It won’t take months, weeks or even days to master my material! Instead, everything you need to know can be easily read and understood in just a few minutes at home, in a single reading!! (You’ll be a credit and debt expert in less than a single hour!!) The best credit repair book!

Plus, I don’t use fancy words to impress you into thinking I’m real smart. (To be honest, I’m no smarter than your average-Joe!) But, I do know specialized methods and quick surefire techniques for fixing credit scores, and how you can instantly resolve and settle your debts for just pennies-on-the-dollar!! This is the only credit repair book you would ever need to purchase unless you want to start a credit repair business, then we have another product for you.

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